Reliable, fail-safe equipment is located in its own capital building located on the territory of 10,000 sq. m. Continuity of work is ensured by the connection of 4 independent regional substations to the power grids and the constant presence of highly qualified engineers at the facility. Echeloned security is provided by the Russian Guard and the security service of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise TTC Ostankino.

700 Racks
6 Halls: 4 — server rooms, 2 — cross-connect rooms
11 MVA special group 1st category



In accordance with the recommendations for the construction of fault-tolerant technological sites of the Tier 3 level, the TTC Ostankino data center is equipped with a redundant (N + 1) engineering infrastructure that ensures uninterrupted operation of equipment and the best conditions for the provision of equipment placement services - Сolocation. The data center is located in a fenced area of ​​10,000 sq.m. The electrical power supplied to the facility - 11 MVA - is sufficient to connect powerful computing clusters. Spacious server rooms and auxiliary rooms allow you to work in a comfortable environment. The new engineering equipment has a huge operational reserve. Design solutions allow carrying out maintenance of any engineering system without interruption in the provision of services to customers.

4 server rooms and 2 cross rooms for 700 racks are in operation

Industry security compliance

Dispatch of work in the data center and round-the-clock monitoring

24/7 "remote hands" support

Neutral policy when connecting to telecom operators

Power supply

Four independent urban substations and a direct connection to CHPP-21, together with an automatic transfer switch system, make it possible to classify the power supply of the data center as a special group of the first reliability category. The elements of the data center power supply circuit are reserved according to the N + N scheme. Server rooms are equipped with two busbar systems connected to independent UPS groups with a capacity of 1 MW. The average power consumption of the rack is 6 kW. It is possible to organize zones with increased rack power consumption. Crossrooms are equipped with independent UPSs.

 Automatic switching between inputs

 Two three-phase IEC309 inputs to each rack with 16 / 32A circuit breakers

 Two PDUs with C13 / C19 sockets

 Earthing of racks in accordance with PUE and GOST R 50571-4-44-2011 “Safety requirements. Protection against voltage deviations and electromagnetic interference "

 Monitoring system of quality parameters of power supply in server and cross rooms


The refrigeration and air conditioning system of the TTC Ostankino data center is based on four chillers from well-known companies with the free-cooling function, with a total refrigerating capacity of 4.5 MWt. It uses a traditional system of supplying chilled air to the racks through the raised floor space. Redundancy of components of the refrigeration system is organized according to the N + 1 scheme. The temperature and humidity conditions in each server room are maintained by six precision air conditioners and controlled in the hot and cold aisles by temperature and humidity sensors.

Raised floor height 1.2 meters

Cold and hot corridors organized

Two independent pump and pipe circuits

Room temperature 18-27 ° С, humidity 30-70%

Supply ventilation and overpressure maintenance in server and cross rooms

Compliance with ASHRAE-2011 TC 9.9 recommendations

Fire safety

To prevent fires, all technological premises of the Data Center are equipped with the Vesda Laser Line super-early smoke detection system. The gas fire extinguishing system uses 3M ™ Novec ™ 1230 extinguishing agent, which has the best environmental performance, providing a high level of safety for people and property. In accordance with fire safety requirements, the system is equipped with a double gas supply. Elimination of fire is carried out without disconnecting the power supply to the equipment. Staff rooms are equipped with fire detectors.

100% fire compliance

Direct control by employees of the Fire Department-93

Smoke and gas removal systems


Particular attention in the data center is paid to information and physical security. There are two security lines at the strategic data center facility: The first line - the outer perimeter and the entrance zone are guarded by a special police battalion and are equipped with intrusion detection systems. The second line is the internal posts of the private security company, located in front of the entrance to the adjacent territory and to the data center building. The security video surveillance system provides round-the-clock monitoring and video registration in all zones and premises of the data center and in the surrounding area. All data center premises are equipped with an access control system (ACS). When clients contact us, a multi-factor authorization system is used.

Multi-layered physical protection of the data center

Ready for PCI DSS certification

Storing video recordings for at least 30 days

Customized rack keys on demand

Server rooms

All server rooms of the TTC Ostankino data center are identical and are designed to accommodate up to 170 racks with a total capacity of 1 MW. At the moment, four halls have been commissioned. Server rooms are pressurized sealed rooms that protect equipment from dust penetration. Server rooms contain 45U high cabinets, 600x1200 and 600x1070 in size. All server cabinets are equipped with two PDUs with C13 and C19 sockets. To maintain the set temperature parameters, "cold" and "hot" corridors are organized, separating the air flows. Rack spaces have been prepared for placing standard and non-standard customer racks.

Average power supply 6 kW per rack

Power supply of racks by two independent inputs

Separated tray systems for fiber-optic communication lines and SCS


DPC "TTTS Ostankino" pursues a neutral policy in interaction with telecom operators, providing connection of the client's equipment to any telecom operator. The equipment of telecom operators is located in dedicated cross rooms of the data center (meet-me-room). All types of connecting lines are laid using two independent cable tray systems. Two cross halls with 10 racks were put into operation. Two independent inputs from the city telephone sewer

Free FOCL input

45U 800x1200 Racks

Copper and Optical Cross Connections

Connecting lines to any point in the Ostankino TV Center


The automated dispatching and control system allows real-time monitoring and control of all components of the data center engineering infrastructure. The 24-hour Dispatch Service controls the temperature and humidity conditions in the server rooms and cross rooms and maintains the proper functioning of all engineering systems of the data center. The duty shift conducts regular rounds of the data center and reacts to any deviations in the functioning of engineering systems and IT equipment. The services provided to customers are accounted for by an automatic system for collecting and processing data on consumed resources.

Over 1500 control points

Dispatch service 24x7

Annual maintenance schedule

Own building in the center of Moscow

A large dedicated area allows you to organize: a temporary parking lot for customers' vehicles for work with equipment, there are two unloading platforms. There is enough space for placing 2 transformer substations and space for placing the external engineering infrastructure of refrigeration systems.

Convenient logistics

Large areas, many auxiliary rooms and corridors that allow you to work in a comfortable environment and fully provide all necessary logistic operations. There are no third party tenant companies in the building. Raised floors of server rooms, as well as a client room and the unpacking room have a common floor level with the entrance area, there are no obstacles for the transportation of equipment on a transport cart.

Huge operational reserve

Connection to power grids of MES from 3 independent substations and one autonomous gas-generating thermal power plant was completed. This makes it possible to ensure full uninterrupted power supply to all data center systems, as well as to develop and scale data centers without additional construction of city inputs.

Comfortable conditions for the development of the client's cluster

For the development of the client's node, there are always sufficient data center infrastructure resources, free rack spaces and power reserves. Customers have the opportunity to lay their own fiber-optic communication cables in the data center through the line-cable structures of the TTC Ostankino data center, which have outputs in 4 MGTS duct wells installed on different routes.


Several security frontiers: echeloned data center security by the Russian Guard and the TTC Security Service ensure physical security at the level of a strategic facility of the state. Rosgvardia is armed at the entrance and has the right to inspect incoming persons and vehicles. There is a dedicated security personnel who conduct round-the-clock video surveillance in the server rooms. Fire protection of the facility is carried out by a specialized fire department of the Ministry of Emergencies. Neutral gas extinguishing agent Novec 1230 is used.

High reliability

At the facility 24/7/365 there are engineering personnel for refrigeration and energy systems, there is a backup spare parts and accessories. The design solution of the data center allows you to disconnect individual components of the infrastructure and carry out maintenance and repairs in any areas of the data center infrastructure without disconnecting the power supply of the Customer's racks. Due to multiple redundancy of engineering systems, any incidents do not cause a decrease in quality or interruption of services. The data center has spare parts for optical cables, power cables, mounting kits, patch cords.




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